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AA-528 Super Automatic Incubator

 Main features

  1. Smart microcontroller panel with digital temperature and humidity indicator, bird selection, setter/hatcher selection and alarm system.

  2. Ultrasound humidifier.

  3. Heat element with fan.

  4. Fresh air controlled with variable speed fan.

  5. Stainless steel mobile trolley.

  6. Egg tray.

  7. Electric turning actuator.

  8. Wide view glass.

  9. Exhaust air duct.

  10. Digital Temperatre and humidity sensors.

  11. Door switch.

  • High-quality incubators can work as a setter or hatcher or setter and hatcher at the same time.

  • The pre-programmable controller can select bird type (hen, goose, quail, ducks, turkey, and others.

  • Alarm system for temperature and humidity.

  • Spare parts available.

  • Recommended working conditions between 22 to 33 degrees Celsius, humidity 10% to 70%. 


AA-528 Super Automatic Incubator

  • Capacity 528 hen eggs

  • 6 trays with a capacity of 88 eggs

  • 2 Hatching Baskets

  • 4 optional Baskets

  • PID digital temperature control

  • Ultrasound humidifier

  • Auto smart turning system.

  • Automatic ventilation

  • Power 600 Watt

  • 220-240 volt/50-60 Hz

  • 116H x 74.5W x 71.5D Cm 

  • Weight 48 Kg.

  • 1-year warranty


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