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One Day Chick Transport ODC-28Ecom

The correct solution for one-day old chick transport


Transportation of one day chick from the hatchery to farm is an important factor of poultry quality production. When pulled, chicks leave with a temperature of 30°C to 34°C, the relative humidity around 60% and the ventilation with high-speed air circulation. Newly hatched chicks depend on the climate condition to regulate their body temperature for the first few days and good ventilation will drive excess body heat out, while also preventing building up carbon dioxide.

Features and benefits

  • User-friendly technology that will help easy to operate, maintain and


  • Easy to reach any ware and clean

  • High power climate control, which will give comfort temperatures

  • Powerful airflow, it will maintain the quality of chicks

  • Powerful generator and battery, so riskless operation guaranteed.


The climate system is computer controlled. The temperature and alarms can be set. The HMI display will show the actual temperature, humidity, and the carbon dioxide levels with easily adjust the set points using HMI touchscreen.


Power Supply

The climate control, power section working with the separate powerful diesel generator.


Ventilation System

The ventilation system, we used the powerful adjustable axial fan. A highly optimized ventilation system is the core of our vehicles. Every single chick gets the right amount of filtered, conditioned and CO2 monitored the air.


Heating and Cooling System

The system is designed for extreme reliability and minimal heat stress for the day old chicks. The technology works in a particularly economical and energy-saving manner at temperatures close to ambient temperature, since energy is only required if heating or cooling is needed, in contrast to compressor technology. Very fine adjustments can be made here to the heating or cooling functions.


In the heating operation, in the same way, as in a heat pump, thermal energy is removed from the ambient air and introduced into the inner chamber. Because of the closed cooling system, no outside air is exchanged. The advantages: No de-humidification of the inner chamber and a notably reduced risk of contamination.


Filter System

Air filters have an important role in the one-day chick transport vehicle. Good filtering system giving highly healthy checks. There are two layers of filters, included for most effective hygiene situation.



Highly sensitive and accurate Swiss-made sensors are used in the one-day chick transport. We use separate sensors for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and overheat will give us a clear and accurate sensing and good climate controlled vehicle.



The body is soft sandwich panels, free of thermal bridges. Body finished in white RAL 9010. It will help us to keep a good climate inside the vehicle. It is very easy to clean the vehicle

Technical Data

Total extended length (A)

Total interior length

Total exterior width (B)

Total interior width

Total external height (C)

Total interior height

Total cooling capacity

Total heating capacity

Air Flow

Chick Capacity

5 meter

4.8 meter

2.1 meter

1.9 meter

2 meter

1.9 meter

72,000 BTU

12,000 BTU

3,300 CFM


All dimension and weight are subjected to change without prior notice


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