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Manual Nest Box


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  • Dimension: L 2400mmx W 1300mm x H 1000mm

  • 1 tier

  • 4 Compartment

  • Nest length/ compartment (1.2m)*

  • Nest box with rollaway egg tray

  • Double centered sliding egg collection tray

  • Nest floor made of GI mesh

  • Rubber curtain

  • Big ventilation slots

  • Made from GI sheet

  • GI floor stand 50cm above ground

  • Bird numbers layers/layer breeders

   - 160 Birds (83.3 birds/m2 nest surface**)

   - 230 birds (120 birds/m2 nest surface***)

   * Basis of design of bird numbers per nest

   ** EC Organic farming guideline No. 1804/1999

   * Animal protection directive 1999/74/EC

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