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Vacuum Egg Lifter

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How it works

  • The cups of the vacuum lifter are placed over the eggs on the incoming pulp tray / setter tray.

  • The eggs are sucked onto the vacuum cups.

  • An operator positions the eggs in the setter tray / hatchery basket using the vacuum egg lifter.

  • Eggs are released immediately when the valve lever is depressed.



  • A lightweight, gentle, reliable tool for the semi-automatic transfer of eggs from pulp tray to setter tray / setter tray to Hatchery basket, the vacuum egg lifter eliminates the risk of damage to the eggs.

  • There are no projecting studs, depressions or mismatched welds or joints in which dirt can accumulate. The Unit consists of vacuum pump with 1 or 2 vacuum heads.

  • For the fast, safe transfer of eggs from  Setter tray to Hatchery basket.


  • capacity of 30 eggs per head


Body and construction

  • Stainless steel 304

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