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Basket Washing Machine BWM-20

Features and benefits

  • Stainless steel construction

  • Cleaning capacity of  200 standard trays or baskets per hour

  • Cleaning with SS strong spray nozzles

  • Low water consumption

  • Adjustable speed

  • Easy to operate and clean



BWM-20 is a low-cost operation machine with the integrated system to ensure the high clean grade with the lowest resource of electricity, detergent, and water. The machine has 4 main sections.


  • Washing: a powerful water spray system take pumped water from an electric heater tank installed on the machine

  • Detergent: liquid detergent controlled by a dosing pump.

  • Rinse the section work with fresh water spray system with adjustable flow control.

  • Dryer: this is optional and it can remove some water drops from the object.



  • Cleaning capacity 200 trays or baskets per hour



  • Overall length              3,7 m

  • Overall width               1,2 m

  • Overall height              1,75 m (Note: all dimensions subject to change without notice)


Body and construction

  • Stainless steel AISI 304 covers with tube constructions.



  • Power                           28 kW

  • Voltage                         3 x 380 V / 50 Hz (neutral and earth required)

  • Water supply                ¾” hose

  • Water drainage            1 ½” with ball valve shut-off

  • Air (Optional)                Compressed air 6 to 8 bars, with the 4HP air compressor, 300L tank.

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