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AFEM LLC is an authorized distributor of Tavsan Tavukçuluk A.Ş. in Iraq & UAE.
AFEM LLC has explicit permission from the copyright owner to use their Information & pictures as part of our distribution-ship agreement.

All rights reserved to Tavsan. Cannot be copied without permission, cannot be quoted.


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Enrichable Layer Cage System


POULTRY EQUIPMENT COMPANY presents Layer Cage System to its solution partners.  Layer Cage System is the highest, largest and strongest cage system in its class.

The dimension of the section of the unit is composed of 66.5 cm of depth, 64 cm width, and 69 cm height. Thanks to 69 cm of height of section, the cage is “The Highest Cage of the World”.


Cage Specifications


All system legs are designed per 64 cm by using 2 mm thickness galvanized metal sheets. Layer Cage System is designed for all weather conditions in the World. The System is composed of 275 gr/m2 minimum galvanized metal sheet parts basically; however, all metal parts are designed for different category and tested for high humidity zones of the World by experienced engineers.

Feeding System


The Feeding System is available for both Chain and Feed Trolley. Feed Conversion Rate is tested for both systems and both are working with high efficiency. Every section has 64 cm of feed through, it provides easy access to feed for 7 Layers at the same time. The design of the system is prepared for European Union regulation and its design is made for easy conversion to Enriched Cage system by using minimum parts. This conversion makes itself the most economic cage system in the world.


Drinking System

Nipple lines are 22 x 22 mm pp square pipe and each section includes 3 nipples for 20 birds. All nipples are stainless steel. There is a “V” canal under of all nipple line. The drinking system is composed of Regulators.

Egg Collection System


The egg collection system is available for both Lift and Elevator. The conveyor system is designed by using plastic pipes and a return of the conveyor is composed of Radius. Thanks to the special design of the egg collection system, cracked and broken egg number is decreased to a minimum.

Manure Removal System

By Using German brand, top quality (PP) Polypropylene manure and egg belt in Layer Cage System, the life of system provides a chance of long term use.

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