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Air Cooler DC – 40K

Cool, fresh air cooler with confidence to provide energy efficient cooling

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Features and benefits

  • Galvanized construction.

  • Big area celsius cooling pads

  • Maintenance less

  • Low power consumption and noise

  • Suitable for open area cooling adjustable speed

  • Easy to operate and clean



The process of how our climate gets cooled is basically the same with air cooler it vapored the water and deliver us the cooled air. It works on simple air evaporation when water gets evaporated, the temperature of the air goes significantly down and it comes out as cool air.



  • Overall length              2.65 m

  • Overall width               0.8 m

  • Overall height              2.58 m (Note: all dimensions subject to change without notice)


Body and construction

  • Galvanized body with cooling pads



  • Power                           28 kW

  • Voltage                         3 x 380 V / 50 Hz (neutral and earth required)

  • Water supply                ¾” hose

  • Water drainage            1 ½” with ball valve shut-off

  • Air (Optional)                Compressed air 6 to 8 bars, with the 4HP air compressor, 300L tank.










Model                                            DC-40k

Motor HP                                      1.0

Air Deliver m3/hr                           40,000

Cooling area m2 approx.              145

Blowing fan inch size                     50 x 50

Max. current Amps.                       3

Power supply                                 380V/3ph

Water consumption m3/day           1.2


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