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Food Grader FG-12G

Intelligent weighing and sorting conveyors

Features and Benefits

  • High precision and digital weighing sensor system

  • High speed digital filter processing and automatic zero tracking function

  • Unique dynamic weighing anti jamming technology

  • Humanized operating system, easy to use operating and HMI interface

  • Entirely stainless steel and water proof structure

  • New designed mechanical structure with IP65 protecting grade, improving the measurement accuracy and speed

  • Intelligent parameter configuration adjusted sorting settings according to product size

  • Standard model machine can be stored objects into 12 weighing zones

AFEM weighing and automated sorting equipment, which is mainly used for poultry productions, it can weight and sort the continuing running products with the different weights of the different groups in accordance with preset weight. It can be used for weighing and sort items weighing less than 4kg and measuring less than 23cmx35cm. The stand-alone grader can be controlled by the company Flex 500 control unit and it can handle up to 130 items/minute.



1.  Control

The food grader system is computer controlled. The speed and the weight controlled by AFEM Flex 500 control system and it can handle up to 130 items/minute. We can easily adjust the set points using the HMI touchscreen.


2.  Body

Body is made of stainless steel 304 grade.

Technical Data 


  • Model no.                                             FG-12G

  • Weighing capacity                               1-4kg.

  • Weighing accuracy                              +/- 0.2kg.

  • Conveying                                            Belt width 220mm 

  • Display                                                 English Touch Screen

  • Construction                                        Stainless steel 304, polishing

  • Power supply                                       

  • Sorting group                                       Max 12 groups

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