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Poultry Slaughter Equipment 

Specifications / Technical Data:

(Note: all dimensions subject to change without notice)

1.   Killing Cones (KC-8C)

o    Stainless Steel 304
o    Rotating killing cone frame
o    8 cones for chicken
o    Splash guard
o    Blood collection hopper
o    Blood collection Plastic tub

2)   Scalding Tank (ST-REC1004)
o    Stainless steel 304. 
o    Height 800 mm
o    Length 1000 mm
o    Width 400mm
o    Depth 500 mm
o    3 Phase 400 VAC (+/-15%), 50Hz / 6 Kw
o    Temperature control thermometer
o    Grill baskets ( 950mm x 350mm x 250mm)

3)   Feather Removal Machine (FRM6)

o    Stainless steel 304
o    Loading capacity 6KG
o    Working capacity 320 birds/hour (Depend on bird weight and operators)
o    Overall length 1200 mm
o    Overall width  900 mm
o    Overall height 1100 mm
o    Power 1300 Watt, 1.0HP
o    Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz (earth required)
o    Water supply  1/2” hose
o    Water drainage 1 ½” with ball valve shut-off

4)   Transportation Trolley/Table (TT-0806)

o    Stainless steel 304
o    Height 800 mm
o    Width 800 mm
o    Depth 600 mm
o    Side rail 100 mm
o    4 wheels

5)   Chicken Cleaning Table (CT-1806)

o    Stainless steel 304
o    Height 800 mm 
o    Width 1800 mm
o    Depth 600 mm
o    Side opening cone
o    Waste collection Plastic tub

6)   Working Tables (WT-1806)

o    Stainless steel 304
o    Height 800 mm
o    Width 1800 mm
o    Depth 600 mm

7)   Washbasin unit (Wb-1206)

o    Stainless steel 304
o    Height 800 mm
o    Width 1200 mm
o    Depth 600 mm
o    2 basin

8)   Dryer Trolley with hooks (DT-C48)

o    Stainless steel 304
o    Height 1700 mm
o    Length 900 mm
o    Width 800 mm
o    48 birds/trolley

9)   Vacuum packing machine (VPM-400)

o    Voltage 220V 50/60Hz
o    Power 1.5KW
o    Workroom size 420X440X80mm
o    Sealing length 400X10mm
o    Sealing speed 1-4 times/minute
o    External size 660X600X1050mm

10) S. Steel upright Freezer (FRU-1H5)

o    Stainless steel 304
o    50 mm thick PUF injected insulation
o    4 no. 620 X 740 mm size hinged s. steel doors
o    3 no. adjustable inner shelves
o    1600 Litre capacity
o    Forced air cooling
o    Refrigerant R 404
o    Condensing unit: 1.5 HP, Brand: Tecumseh /Danfoss
o    Temperature -50C to – 180C adjustable with digital thermostat
o    Electricity: 230/220V, 1P, 3.0 Kw
o    Size: 1500 X 800 + 50 X 2200  mm

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