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Defeathering Machine FRM-3Q

The economic and mechanical way of removing quail feathers.

Features and benefits

  • Increased the number of birds processed per day

  • Compact gearbox

  • Less energy consumption

  • Remove feathers without any major damage to the quail

  • Stainless Steel Body

  • Easy to use and maintain


The defeathering machine is developed for removing the feathers from several types of poultry, the machine is equipped with “silicon fingers” specifically designed to beat off the feathers. 


  • The silicon finers are long life, more dress rate than the other brand and finest quality ultra-soft flucking.

  • Motor gearbox drive a high power from the motor with compact size

  • Made from stainless steel structure and body cover the food grade requirements.

  • The plastic basket collecting feather makes it easy in management and filters the feather from the water.



  • Loading capacity 3kg

  • working capacity 250 birds/hour (Estimated at 1kg bird weight)



  • Overall Height                     .925 m

  • Overall Width                       .501 m

  • Overall Depth                      .905 m (Note: all dimensions subject to change without notice)


Body and construction

  • Stainless steel 304.



  • Power                          700 Watt

  • Voltage                         230V / 50Hz (earth required)

  • Water supply                1/2" hose

  • Water drainage            1 ½” with ball valve shut-off



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