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Electric Heater EH-9K


Features and benefits

  • Body made of stainless steel

  • Low noise speed fan

  • Adjustable temperature

  • Overheat protection thermostat

  • Easy to clean and maintain.


Model                                       EH-9k

BTU                                          28,650 to 30,700

Watts                                        9kw

Airflow                                      560 cfm / 950 m³/hr

Power (volts)                            380v, 50Hz

Current                                     12 Amp

Heat Settings                           1



1. SS 316 body with a cylindrical shape, diameter 350mm, length 500mm.

2.  Axial Fan 300mm, 1400 rpm, airflow 560cfm/950 m³/hr, 150w, 220v ac, 50Hz.

3. Electric Heater (MS) , 9kw, 380v ac, 50hz.

4. Mechanical thermos tube at room temperature from 0-50 set up.

5. Overheat protection.




1. Position the fan heater so that it stands upright on a firm, level surface and at a safe distance from wet environments and flammable objects.

2. Connect the fan heater to the proper electrical power.

3. Set the thermostat dial to the maximum temperature.

4. The fan heater will switch on when the function selector dial is set to one of the power settings.

Setting           Function

     1.                Unit is off

     2.                Fan runs – No heating

     3.                Fan runs – Full Power Heating

5. Once the room reaches the desired temperature, turn the thermostat dial back until the heating element turns off.


Automatic Overheat Safety Control


- This heater is equipped with safety internal heat limiting thermostat and overheat protection circuit. When a potential overheat temperature is reached, the system will automatically shut the heater off at 158°F (70°C).

Caution Light

-The caution light will illuminate when the overheat safety control is activated. The heating element will shut off until the unit has cooled to a safe travel.

-The Fan will continue to operate.

-Once the heater has reached a safe level 131°F (55°C), the heater will turn back on automatically.

Thermostat Instructions

-At first, set the thermostat to “+” and let the heater operate with full power input. When the room temperature reaches the required value, turn the thermostat to the left until it switches off.

-The thermostat will then switch on and off automatically to control the room temperature according to the pre-set value and keep the room temperature constant.

-When using the heater for the first time, you may notice a slight emission of smoke. This is quite normal and it stops after a short time. The heating element is made of steel and was coated with a layer of protective oil during production. The smoke is caused by the leftover oil as it is heated.




1. Before cleaning the appliance, disconnect it from the outlet and let it cool down.

2. In order to protect the enclosure, don’t splash water on the heater and never use a solvent like gasoline, isoamyl acetate, toluene, etc. to clean the heater.

3. The enclosure is easy to get dirty. Wipe it often with a soft sponge. For very dirty parts, wipe with the sponge dipped in <122 of water and mild detergent, then dry the heater enclosure with a clean cloth. Be careful not to let the water enter the inside of the appliance.



Locating Your Serial Number:

Your serial number can be found on the heater’s rating label. It will begin with the letters EH9k followed by 9 digits.

For example: EH3K011214022. Have your serial number ready before calling customer service.










 - Fan stays on when heat shuts off 


- Fan speed stays the same when changing settings. 


-The heating element does not glow red


- Do not feel heat or air low.      



 - Fan runs continuously while the heater is operating.  

- Fan speed stays constant. Setting changes amount of heat output only   

- A heating element is made of steel and will not glow red to produce heat.

1. No power to the heater.

2. Desired room temperature reached

3. The heater does not heat area in front of the heater, it will disperse heat throughout a room to heat entire space

 - Fan runs continuously while the heater is operating.

Heater is operating correctly. 



- Heater is operating correctly.


1. Check power connections, connect heater to power supply.

2. Thermostat will shut off once desired

room temperature is reached. 

3. Heater is operating correctly. 


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