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Industrial Incubators PL & HD Series

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Features and Benefits

  • High chick output

  • High uniformity

  • Low labor maintenance

  • Energy costs

  • Incubation of chicken, turkey, duck, quail, peacock, ostrich and goose eggs

  • Capacity from 4,800 to 115,200 eggs

  • Various options for incubation control, automation, and hatchery manage




We understand that your incubation system is the heart of your hatchery process. We design and engineer a range of incubation products that perfectly control the process with uniform airflow, temperature and humidity levels for an optimal, high-quality hatch. Our setters and hatchers offer the most advanced technology available with reduced maintenance expense throughout the life of the systems.


Our incubators consist of two product ranges PL & HD designed to maximize your profit over the whole life cycle of your hatchery.


The PL & HD series secures your future because it can easily handle increasing embryonic heat production of modern high yield birds. Moreover, it provides expansion capabilities for future options.

Models General Details

PL Setters & HD Hatchers

  • High grade insulated panels 50mm thickness

  • Bottomless

  • Stainless steel interiors

  • Low speed and noise air circulation fan

  • Uniform airflow and temperature

  • Automatic ventilation system

  • PLC (programmable logic control) system

  • Full electric protection

  • Digital sensor for temperature SH75 (Swiss Made)

  • Digital sensor for relative humidity  SHT75 (Dry sensor)

  • Overheat sensor

  • Proximity switch door sensors

  • Fan speed sensor

  • Turning system sensor

  • CO2 sensor for automatic ventilation (optional)

  • LCD color touch screen user-friendly control display

  • Atomizing  air and water spray nozzles with filters

  • Electric stainless steel heaters

  • Chilled water cooling coils

  • Cold air cooling valve

  • Pneumatic turning system

  • Stainless steel setter trolley can hold  16x2 egg tray loaded with 4800 hen eggs

  • Stainless steel hatcher trolley can hold  16x2 baskets  loaded with 4800 hen eggs

  • Polyethylene  egg trays with 150 egg capacity

  • Special grade basket  with 13 cm height  

  • Wide  glass view on both doors

  • Red and green big  LED indicator for incubator status

  • High  DB siren for the alarm system

  • Data acquisition save the incubator readings on USB flash memory periodically

  • Optional internet connections for remote control

  • All interiors are washable

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